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One Man's Battle to Save Construction Workers

Mike Turlin, a mental health campaigner with a special focus on the construction industry, is using his story to change perceptions about mental health all over the UK through his organisations

Afternoon session with Mike

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#constructionmentalhealth is Construction Mental Health

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Suicide Prevention

Mike Turlin Speaks about suicide prevention

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GB news with Neil Oliver Great Britain of the week Mike Turlin

Mike Turlin is Great Britain of the week on #gbnews

Thank you to Neil Oliver and all the team at GB news for welcoming me to thier program,

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Mike Turlin on Toolstation UK

More and more construction workers are struggling with their mental health every day But there are many who don’t reach out when they need help.

We all want to Help reduce Mental health Issues.

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The Bentley Man Promoting Mental Health at Car Shows!

Meet The Bentley Man Mike Turlin, who travels all over the UK to events with his gold and white Bentley to promote mental health. He gets people to open up and talk. As a mental health patient himself, who attempted multiple suicide attempts, Mike also provides guidance, help and resources to help people tackle stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, devoting 50% of his time, energy and personal income to helping others.

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The Bentley Man at Trafalgar square with Mental Health Foundation

Check out this amazing video working with the Mental Health Foundation charity to donate to Bentley Mental Health.
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The Bentley Man at Sky News

This is I telling my story for the first time live on British TV.

I was terribly emotional knowing that millions of people are watching.

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The Bentley Man, My story

Here I am talking about my story and how I tried to end my life.
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The Bentley Man, Car event

This video is for an online car show with COVID-19 restrictions. I won first place at this event for the best supercar.
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The Bentley Man, BBC Radio in making people smile

Christmas comes just once a year; my Christmas lights come once a year as well to bring smiles to the local families.