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The Bentley Man Story

My name is Mike, and I began The Bentley Man to offer myself, in the UK, the opportunity to speak to someone. I understand you.
It’s neither easy for men and women to ask for mental health help nor is finding someone willing to speak about it openly.

I know this from my own struggle but I overcame my demons and began living my dream. I want to create a safe space for individuals who’re struggling to talk and share their stories.

Life most certainly is worth living, Michael. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure it's s story that will benefit many people. Have a great Sunday. Namaste

Michael Turlin glad you didn't succeed at your attempts, and found peace. I often say by telling our story, it give others the courage to tell theirs. And begins our journey to peace and healing. Would love to know what steps you took to heal: talking (therapeutic, etc?) and what else?

Unfortunately so many need help. I lost a special friend just before Christmas last year with 2 very young daughters he would never have left.

Last week I went on an aftercare site visit to check on one of my new Site Managers, drop in some biscuits etc. All pretty standard. We ended up having a great chat about the work *My Mental Health* Mike Turlin4 does outside of the day job in construction.

I must say you are strong. You are such an inspiration to all others suffering in silence and giving away their lives and relationships just like that. I wish you enough. I hope you don't mind if I share your story on the blog. If you want you can write to me if you wanna add something to it. Keep it up!

Love hearing people overcoming the dark areas that can manifest in our lives Michael Turlin. Happy that you found your self married, my wife has been so crucial in my healing journey. Thank you for sharing your story, I really appreciate that.

Seriously? So very sorry but I am so glad you're still here and all the best with what you can now do with your life

Love hearing people overcoming the dark areas that can manifest in our lives Michael Turlin. Happy that you found

Micheal, thank you for your help in breaking the circle of silence and building communities of support

Wow....truly awesome! Thank you Micheal Turlin for sharing your #PowerfulStory. I am so happy to know that you are in and better and stronger place in life now. 👏👏👏 I sincerely hope your inspiring story helps someone out there searching for answers, hope and strength to carry on. Let's uplift each other in becoming the best version of ourselves and live our dreams. #ShareYourStory

He is very passionate about mental health, so much so he invests a great deal of his own time and money into his mental health awareness project. Even without the madness that is 2020 these issues have been very real for many of us long before this year and I was very taken aback by Mikes passion for this project.

Its OK not to be OK, there are people out there who care who don't even know you. You are not alone. Please check out Mikes website for details on his project and where you can find him at various events across the UK. #mentalhealth #construction #mentalhealthawareness #health #self help