Upcoming Events

We travel all over the UK if you have an event that you need someone to get your staff to open up and talk then I am here, The Bentley Man.

Beaulieu supercar

7-8th August Beaulieu supercar event Hampshire

7-8th August.

Camberley car show

14th August Camberley car show Berkshire

14th August.

car show

15th August car show Steeleford Rowland castle Hampshire

15th August.

British car show

19-22nd August British car show Farnborough Hampshire

19-22nd August.

Concorde car event

5th September.Concorde car event Eastleigh

5th September.

Nec classic car show

11-13th November Nec classic car show Birmingham

11-13th November.

London Build expo

17-18th November London Build expo

17-18th November.

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Coming soon

Coming soon