Bentley mental health 2023


Upcoming Events

We travel all over the UK if you have an event that you need someone to get your staff to open up and talk then I am here, The Bentley Man.

Beaulieu supercar

7-8th August Beaulieu supercar event Hampshire

7-8th August.

Camberley car show

14th August Camberley car show Berkshire

14th August.

car show

15th August car show Steeleford Rowland castle Hampshire

15th August.

British car show

19-22nd August British car show Farnborough Hampshire

19-22nd August.

Concorde car event

5th September.Concorde car event Eastleigh

5th September.

Nec classic car show

11-13th November Nec classic car show Birmingham

11-13th November.

London Build expo

17-18th November London Build expo

17-18th November.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon