About us

What We Do​

We travel all over the UK to events with the Bentley car and get people to open up and talk. We have been on the TV, radio, and lots of newspapers. Look us up on what events we are showing, and bring your story.

The Bentley Man gives you the chance to open up to someone that has been there and come through it.

I offer you the time you need to get you through it, send us your contact information and I will come back to you, once we have clear understanding of what’s going on then i can call you to take things further, please remember i can only give advice on what i have been through, The main 1st point of call is normally the Doctor, I am here to listen mainly it’s good to talk, so let’s get started by sending that email and take it from there, Stay Safe Life is worth living

Our approach

Our Mission

My mission is to help save as many lives as possible by getting people to open up and share their fears and worries. I will listen to you for free.

Our Vision

My vision is to reduce the number of suicides, get more people to open up and talk, and make sure that everyone gets the help they need.