Mike's Story

How it all  began
In 2009 I was in a very dark place and time in my life. Everyone important to me had sadly passed away. To make matters worse, I walked out on what was a good marriage. No one listened to me when I said there was something wrong with me. Not even my wife. I knew something was wrong with me. I got medication, but it didn’t help. I just needed someone to talk to, but no one was there for me.

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This was when I realised that I was still meant to be here. I had to start again—rebuild my life. It took ten years of hard work, but I got there. Now I feel like my life is complete, and I have been married for Seven wonderful years! All I can say is—it’s good to talk. If you find someone whom you can talk to, anyone, then you will realise that life is worth living. You don’t realise how many other people are going through the same thing as you until you start to talk. Now here I am living the dream, but I might not have been here.
Hope, Faith, and Trust

I'm paying it forward.
Now, I am here for you.

My Bentley is a symbol of hope, faith, and trust. Just as I had hope, I want to inspire you that your situation will get better. Have faith in yourself and seek help. Believe that people, especially licensed health professionals, are out there to help you.its not just a cheap flash car,it helps you to open up about the issues that,s building up in side

What We Do

We travel all over the UK to events with the Bentley car and get people to open up and talk. We have been on the TV, radio, and lots of newspapers. Look us up on what events we are showing, and bring your story.we have now started construction buddies due to the amount of mental health issues in the construction industry but as well as that we now have a charity called A Broken Mind look us up to see if we can help you!

My Mission

My mission is to help save as many lives as possible by getting people to open up and share their fears and worries. I will listen to you for free.

My Vision

My vision is to reduce the number of suicides, get more people to open up and talk, and make sure that everyone gets the help they need.

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